Information Regarding Boot Camp Alternatives

  When you hear the phrase boot camp, what do you think of? You probably think of similar things to most other people: places to send your too-bad-to-be-believed teens; or what you have to go through before you can graduate from your basic training in the military; or even your college senior year thesis. But there are other kinds of boot camps, these are more fun than any of those other ones, although they are still highly demanding and will push you. These are for adults who want to launch themselves to another level of physical fitness and energy. So, these are fitness training boot camps.  

  These boot camps are run by people that include personal trainers and drill sergeants from the military. The idea is that you will take yourself from couch potato to lean muscle machine in just four weeks. Of course, for some people, that might be too much to handle if they have truly been little more than a couch potato in their personal lives. So, the beginning of the boot camp will find you being assessed by the trainers for what kind of fitness level you already have attained. There will be push-ups, sit-ups, quick-pace walking, and probably a jog or a run of one mile. The trainers will use what they observe to determine what groups you should be placed with for maximum benefit to you.No, these are not places where you go to be mocked. You will be placed in groups of people who are similar in fitness to you at the start of the boot camp. You will be respected by the camp instructors just for the fact that you have decided to show up here and improve yourself, so there is no need to feel embarrassed or humiliated.  

 But there are some top level athletes who show up at these boot camps, too. They come because they want to push themselves to another level of performance. They might have a triathlon coming up in a couple of months, or need to get prepared for the upcoming season. Everyone comes to a fitness boot camp for personal reasons. Everyone is unique and we all have a unique life. You can expect to do workouts with things like kettle bells, obstacle courses, stair climbing, running drills, and medicine balls. And when you go back home after four weeks, you can keep yourself at your new fitness level by applying your new knowledge of diet and workouts. You could become even more fit once you go home.