Failure to Launch Programs-Some Insights  

Those who make a point of providing the best possible help for troubled teens understand that some cases require what may seem to be drastic measures. No, they don't advocate the dead-end behavioralism and superficiality of many "boot camps". They don't extol the virtues of a "tough love" that believes parental crackdowns to be the key to improvement. They do, however, recommend that some troubled teens should be placed in alternate, therapeutic environments.

Boarding schools are a perfect example of this approach. The child in question attends a boarding school the focuses on supplying both a quality traditional education and a therapeutic environment custom-designed to meet the unique needs of at-risk teens. The curriculum includes all of the reading', writin' and 'rithmetic you'd find in other schools, but supplies them in a different context, free of many of the temptations, pressures and habits with which they may otherwise wrestle.
These boarding schools maintain a safe, non-threatening environment in which the teen can explore his or her behavior and its root causes. The schools provide counseling and space for personal growth. These environments can provide a great deal of help for troubled teens, providing them with an opportunity to come away from the experience with heightened understanding and a successful social and academic experience. It's amazing how a change to a protected and organized environment can influence a child's though process and behavior.  
For those families who put tremendous value on their faith lives, there are Christian boarding schools. These institutions make worship and a Christ-centered approach to dealing with students a top priority. When surrounded by professionally-trained and experienced faculty and counselors dedicated to providing a therapeutic Christian experience, many troubled teens reverse course. Countless families have witnessed tremendous change and progress as a result of enrollment.